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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Podcast and Birth Defects

I have just submitted my blog to Hopefully that will generate some traffic to my blog. If anyone happens across my blog and would like to find more pro-life blogs, I'd recommending clicking here:

Also, I've been listening to a wonderful pro-life podcast called LifeReport, affiliated with Right to Life of Central California. I've actually met Josh, the host of the blog, as they're situated here locally. It's a very balanced podcast; in fact, they have many pro-choice listeners who constantly tell them how appreciative they are of how balanced they are. Not only do they stand up for the sanctity of life, but they'll also mention bad pro-life arguments and how we need to make sure our arguments are up-to-date and that we use the best arguments. It's a very thought-provoking and educational podcast. You can find their website at , or you can subscribe to them on iTunes. Their podcasts are free and worth much more than what you pay for them.
Finally, I'd just like to bring something up. There are many "smoke screen" arguments that pro-choicers use because really, most abortions are done for birth control. Abortions because of rape, incest, the mother's health, or birth defects, are relatively rare. But let's talk about birth defects for a minute here.
I think it's ridiculous that unborn children who have a possibility of birth defects are killed. First of all, doctors' diagnoses are often wrong. There have been reports of an unborn child who is suspected of having a birth defect being born completely healthy. Yet the mother could have killed that child because there was a "marker" for a birth defect. The problem is: homicide is not a cure. No child with birth defects have ever been cured by killing them. How can we ever hope to come up with a cure for these birth defects if we keep killing all the victims? Wouldn't it make more sense and be more ethical to keep these children and to find a cure for these birth defects? I would think so.
I'd just like to share a post here about this particular subject. It's an interesting read:

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